1. WTH-100 measures temperature and humidity then sends measured values to server. These values can be monitored via internet connected device such as PC, tablet, smartphone.
  2. The medium's temperature and humidity is measured via integrated temperature/humidity sensor. You can place prob inside places such fridge etc. to measure temperature there. You can plug up to 4 probs.
    • Integrated humidity sensor can measure values between 0 and 99.9 RHs.
    • Integrated temperature sensor can measure values between -20 °C - +85 °C.
    • Analog temperature prob can measure values between -40 °C - +125 °C.
    • Digital temperature prob can measure values between -55 °C - +125 °.
  3. 4x20cm LCD screen displays temperature, humidity and current date and time. WTH-100 gets date and time automatically from the server.
  4. WTH-100 is working accurately ±0,5 °C and ±%3 RH tolerance.
  5. The resolution values of temperature and humidity are 0.1.
  6. Device measures as 1 second intervals. You can set recording intervals between 1 - 120 minutes as your requirements.
  7. Device is running with 5V/1A adaptor and it keeps recording via integrated battery when electricity interrupt occurs. Saved records will be send to server once electricity and internet connection avaliable again.
  8. Net weight of the device (prob included) is 360 gr.
  9. Operating language is in English.

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