How to Use

Enter Your Wireless Network (WiFi) Username/Password to WTH-100

Before using your WTH-100 you need to enter your WiFi credentials. To doing that, please connect your WTH-100 to your PC by using USB plug.

Download WiFi software and run it. Wireless ID and password entry window will be showed and let you input these values. WTH-100 will buzz once you enter these values correctly.

Then you have to create a user via connecting the link as follows Please click add new user and fill the form completely.

Add Your Device

Add your device by using ID key which can be found on your purchased device. You can add devices more than one. Afterwards adding your device(s) then you will be able to configure settings.


Alert trigging values, report intervals etc. can be set here. Also you will be able to monitor WTH-100's measured values here.

WTH-100 Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Usage

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