About WTH-100

Special Design

Inkatech WTH-100 designed for measuring temperature and humidity continuosly and accurately those where it's located. It allows you to facilitate monitoring those reports remotely via your internet connected PC, tablet and smartphone. WTH-100 offers wide usage by it's measurement probs and wireless connectivity.

Application Areas

You can easly and safely use Inkatech WTH-100 Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System at cold rooms, cold storages, freezers, pharmacies, health industry, cold-chain transport vehicles, greenhouses, livestocks, poultry farms, fish storage rooms, blood bank refrigerators, dried fruit storage rooms, archive rooms, libraries, datacenters etc.

Easy Monitoring, Accurate Measurement

You can easily mount WTH-100 to where your temperature sensitive products located and start monitoring temperature and humidity changes. In addition you can place wired-prob into place such as fridge, etc. to get temperature values. In this wise you prevent your device from physical factors such as iciness and thus you can easily overcome miss-measurements.

Get Room and Prob Values Simultaneously

You are able to view temperature and humidity values on WTH-100's LCD display where it's located (room etc.). If the any prob is connected then prob values also appear on the display.

Easy to Use

You have to connect your device to your PC via port USB before start using your device and then run WiFi software which you obtained on WTH100.com. Enter your wireless network's name and the password via interface. Afterward remove USB cable and place your WTH-100 whereever you need to monitor temperature and humidity. The device will start sending measured values to Inkatech Cloud Server and then the server is going to start storing these values.

You can easily view change reports via your internet connected device. WTH-100 system also has functionality to warn you several ways once measured value reached out of your range settings. The alert ways mentioned are as followed SMS, phone calls, E-mail and buzzing.

Penetration Probe Option

Optional penetration probe which aims to measure fruit's inner temperature to be used at cold rooms, cold stores


With this mini software you can easily add your device to your wireless network.

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Device Settings

You can easily set measurement interval (in seconds, minutes and so on) via control panel. Lowest and highest limits are for trigging alerts. Once the limit values reached you will receive the alerts. Default values is applied if you haven't set these limits.

Detailed Temperature/Humidity Changes Reporting

WTH-100's measured temperature and humidity values are recorded to server as applying your interval setting. You can easily monitor those values via your internet connected device by using your credential. You can also export these reports in PDF, Excel files.

Reports can be viewed in charts or tables, you can save those reports to your PC. The reports on server are read-only access and cannot be changed.

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